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I pledge to represent you with integrity, while I work tirelessly to fight for our children, our homes, and our civil liberties. I will listen to your voices. I will read every bill, its supporting documents, and make sure it is constitutional before I support it.  Together we can make our voices heard and keep Maryland’s citizens free and prosperous.




I want to ensure curriculum that gives our children a solid foundation and basic tools to build successful, independent lives. Parents should have a voice in the schools their children attend and what they learn.


I believe that taxes should be affordable and still provide the necessary  services to our citizens. Yet, taxes keep going up and services remain the same or decline. Citizens, especially those on fixed incomes such as retirees, are leaving the state for a better quality of life elsewhere. Nearly everyone knows someone who has left Maryland in part because of taxes and cumbersome regulations.  I pledge to work to keep Marylanders in Maryland.  

I believe in civil liberties. One of the reasons we call ourselves free is because we have the rule of law.  Our Bill of Rights is under assault. The Declaration of Independence says that we are endowed by our creator with certain rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  I am committed to put us back on that path. I will fight for all of our civil liberties.

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